#WantedWednesday - Word Of Mouth Out Now!

  • Ignacio

    The Wanted son los mejores

  • XxxGemmaxxx

    Lol policeman as fast as a milkman hilarious live max

  • jeniece

    i love you tom

  • Sophia146

    Love you Nathan Sykes!!!!!!! :)

  • Errriinnnm

    Be mine nathan sykes :O

  • ChasingBeers


  • Showmelove4321

    I love them they are so kind and amazing and max accent I love it and some people misinterpret the wanted and those people are wrong the wanted are kind amazing and very awesome talented gentleman and I love them and love the cd amazing #wordofmouth!!!!:)

  • ZoeLovesTheWanted

    omg that has to be one of my fave wanted wednesday clips, im so proud of them and its so lovely to see so many fans supporting them from all over the world ;') *crying* xxx

  • Em Em

    the was one which was alot shorter

  • Powley

    Wow great please make it longer next time


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