#WantedWednesday - Our Hearts Go Boom Boom In Spain

  • bigtwfanxxx

    guys why don't u go 2 hertford or hertfor heath at the village fete.

  • melissa200

    i wanna see you guys, come to riverside please

  • AliciaVG

    I wanna see you guys, please come to Mexico City.

  • Elizabeth12

    WHEEEEN are you guys coming to Mexico D: I'm dying!! I wanna know u ):

  • janiaeppsi

    come to ARIZONA u guys have never came here

  • AlexaSykes1

    Comeeeee to México city please

  • VinaForeverTW

    Please come back to NEW ZEALAND! :D

  • TheWantedLover2

    pppppllleeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeee come to Pittsburgh! I love you guys

  • syazwanitw

    come to Malaysia please? :)

  • MontseTWfanmily

    come to mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please i love you

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