#WantedWednesday - Do Something Silly #Ninja

  • amy_mcguiness_sykes

    jay:his heart went boom boom max: i walked up to him like rihanna. those boys !!! why didnt we suss that out before

  • Vitoria

    My heart hahaha !!!!

  • Vitoria

    crazy is jay kkk hahaha !!!! ;)

  • the_wanted_2012

    his heart went boom boom wow Jay. Nice if only we knew ;)

  • AllyMaeGarcia

    2:41, Tom xD

  • AllyMaeGarcia

    2:41, Tom xD

  • TWlovers123

    0.05 is funny (jay screaming)

  • EllyPaddington

    Ahaaa max said he walked like rihanna over to him ahhaha

  • Gregui

    aww so afgretydfstfsf

  • NatalieeM_TW

    Aww poor Jay! They know he has a fear of polystyrene!

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