#WantedWednesday - LA - Gym, Tan, Speedos

  • helenmargaret

    owwwowwwww son preciosos los amo :* :)

  • Gux

    love them sooooooooooo much:)

  • alecethewanted

    gosh i love them so much!

  • Luu22

    I loved the video :)

  • ChelseaClaireB_N_J_T_M_S

    love it: D

  • AmyLouise12TWFan

    Love it and I love them

  • Yorkshire_Pudding

    Love it, plus what an angle of Jaybird ;) x

  • Amber_KyleeTW

    oh how i love these boys! :)

  • JenniferTW

    Owwws .. awww love you guys looking forward to the show .. also they come to Mexico soon ... aww understand that now are busy but aww hope and be quick visit to Mexico that I LOVE ....


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