#WantedWednesday - Mylo and more!

  • michellegrigg

    i love this guy Maz Geroge so cute handsome fancy Boy. My Favorite song The Wanted Song is I found you


    Please come back together, I miss you so much

  • cari_thewanted

    you guys a srsly the best i was crying while watching these videos ily guys to pieces

  • NiamhGirl17

    I wish you were still together

  • aclmc

    you guys were best mates!!! i wish u were back together.......

  • iloveifoundyou

    i love the wanted

  • JuliaOlivieri

    i miss the Wanted Wednesday videos

  • JuliaOlivieri

    i love you so much guys, please come back together, the Prisoners need of you guys, kiss

  • Sophia5942

    I wish you lot was back in the music industry and making music again ! Xx :)

  • blondeluvzjaybird

    Please regain each other and become The Wanted again. Then #TWFanmily will throw a huge party and you can come and we'll be a fanmily again. I miss you all so much!!!

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