Pre-Order Glow In The Dark EP 02 Mar

The brand new Glow In The Dark EP is available to pre-order on iTunes right now!

Click here to grab your copy!

1. Glow In The Dark

2. Glow In The Dark (IAmData Sunset Remix)

3. I Found You (TY Remix)

4. Glow In The Dark (Karaoke Version)


  • Sajan

    love you guys please come back

  • ouralltimelow

    I love you guys

  • jonarose_165

    guys you are cool and amazing!....:)

  • etchies70

    u r sooooooo loved by ur fanmily. NEVER 4get that

  • jocelyn

    Love you Guys!!

  • Jessi_180

    i cant wait for this EP is amazing

  • Jays_Bird_xox

    I'm on it!

  • jocelyn


  • tomparker123

    cant wait :)

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