Important Tour Announcement 10 Dec

To all our fans in mainland Europe, we're really sorry but due to some unforeseeable changes in our scheduling, we're having to cancel our European tour dates in February/March. Rest assured all tickets are refundable, and we do hope to see you again really soon! The UK, Ireland & US legs of the tour are not affected. Thanks for your ongoing support. Lots of love, The Wanted xx

  • Sophia146

    I feel lucky that they are still coming to the US :0

  • lemonadecattw

    OMG so relieved ur still on for 02-it's my birthday!

  • RaymondWinnHo

    3 or 4 years ago I have been meet and greet with you and see your UK arena/theatre for 2 times and I hopefully that I am going to see you in March at The O2 Arena, London. Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014

  • Miss_Kaneswaran

    I waiting for 2 years to see you guys and then i read this :c

  • lallainia

    It´s very sad, me and my sister really wanted to see you guys in sweden but i coss my fingers that it will be another chance soon. LOVE U GUYS

  • TWFan92

    Guys, you can't do this! My BFF 'Lyndsay' & I are going to see you in Glasgow in March! She has been wanting to see you guys for 3 years! If she finds out about this, she'll be devastated, heartbroken & upset. She's a huge fan of upyou guys. Please, let us come to your concert in Glasgow. She has Asperger Syndrome & I've got Autism.

  • EllieCooper4

    Has anybody been contacted or knows who to contact about Europe cancellation my daughter is so upset she gave up two Christmases presents and one birthday for the wanted. We have lost over 700 pounds and have a very upset daughter please the wanted management have some feelings for the girls who paid out a lot off money and speak to us

  • joandfriends

    Really sad - Would like to see you in Paris - hope to see you soon for an other date^^

  • EllieCooper4

    I am the father off Ellie cooper shame on scooter we have lost over 700 pounds my daughter has no xmas present now don't suppose he cares he will be living his millionaire life style

  • etchies70

    The Boys have shown, by word and action, how much they love their TWFanmily! I hope, for Europe Fanmily and the Boys, that the matter will be resolved

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