#WantedWednesday - Happy Birthday JayBird! 24 Jul

It's our JayBird's birthday today so it makes it a very special Wanted Wednesday! In this week's flip the lads each have a message for Jay, after they remember how old he actually is... 28 Max?, really?!?



  • Ediely

    happy birthday JayBird! sorry for delay rsrs

  • daisychick

    Sorry this birthday wish is late JayBird. Hope the year ahead of you is amaze balls! Love you forever. :-D

  • JMTW1980

    Happy Birthday Jay

  • FangelicaLuvsTW

    Happy late birthday

  • Clarissa2

    Hope you had a great Birthday Jay!

  • MayteTje

    Happy Birthday Jay !! x

  • Sykes4Ever

    Happy Birthday Jaybirdy!:D Keep slapping people in the face with fish!XD

  • shaynon_TW

    Happy birthday bird hope you have an amazing day :) x

  • rachel1021

    happpy birthday jay bird a great day

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