New TW Album Announced!! 22 Jul

MASSIVE NEWS FOR THE TWFANMILY!! Today the boys announced the title of their brand new album..... WORD OF MOUTH! Which will be released on September 16th 2013!

First up though their next single We Own The Night will be out WORLDWIDE on August 11th! Stay tuned for news on a World Tour too!!

That's enough of the good stuff for you today :)

Look out for the WOTN video coming soon!

  • AjayGlogiewicz

    Can not wait xxx

  • TWlovers123

    thats a weird name but I dont care it The Wanted

  • carolreis15_

    I'm excited for new album

  • PatricialovesTW

    I'm so excited!

  • gabrielagaytan28

    OMG i cant wait for it to come out!!!!! so excited!!!!!!!!:)

  • Sykes4Ever


  • RachelEmily

    Ohmygod I'm so excited!! Anyone remember when people kept saying it would be called 'ThirdStrike' .. :L

  • ZoeLovesTheWanted

    yep... im *dead*

  • amaniluv


  • smae

    hopefully one of the places they'll go on tour will be edmonton. can't wait for WOTN and WOM though, super excited omg :D

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