Wanted World Webchat Tomorrow! 18 Jun

Wanted World members the boys are hosting a webchat TOMORROW at 5:30pm UK time, so make sure you join them online for a chat and get your questions ready!

We'll see you then :)

  • Aliceinwonderland

    Did I miss it

  • bushkinNathangirl7

    come back to Aberdeen please xx

  • Andrea15

    for everyone?

  • JustDeedee

    What time will that be in LA, Ca?

  • theEmily_tw

    I wish this was for everyone! Wish so much i could do thiss.

  • Jammy

    My first one too! But it's not working?

  • itsbrittw

    YAY this is going to be my first one!!!!!!!!

  • danielle221

    so excited cannot wait to watch it

  • Leyda

    Today the day webchat the wanted I'm happy yhea #WantedWorld #WantedWednesday

  • amysykesTWx


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