Max & Jay Innuendo Bingo Part 2 on BBCR1 Tomorrow! 17 Jun

It's going to get soggy TWFanmily! Max and Jay are returning to the BBC Radio 1 studios tomorrow at 1pm for a live Innuendo Bingo Part 2!! We all remember the classics from the first one including 'Where are all the lesbians' and our personal favourite... 'Oooh I'm going to come in my puff ball'. We have no idea what tomorrow has in store.

Make sure you are all tuning in from 1pm!


  • HannahLovesTheWANTED9352

    haha, their faces bless them LOL ;P xxx

  • JMTW1980

    I be at work

  • inverness1998tw

    I'll try and get my biology teacher to let us listen to it!

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