#WantedWednesday - LA - Gym, Tan, Speedos 06 Mar

Here's this week's flip! The boys are in LA and Tom does a bit of creepy Speedo spotting, while Jay does a bit of TV surfing. Yep happy Wanted Wednesday fanmily!

  • sarvenaz

    Hey amazing Video:P

  • Sykes4Ever

    Tom is such a stalker in this video!XD

  • argolunderworld

    jay is so funny.

  • Nathan_Sykes_Wife

    Where is Nathan?? You could barely even c him wen he was singing :( i miss him SO much :'(

  • Anna_13

    Why is Nathan never in the WantedWednesday flips anymore? i miss him :(

  • SykesCher

    Nathan's never in the WantedWednesday's anymore

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