#WantedWednesday - Wanted World's Glad You Came 09 Jan

Happy Wanted Wednesday everyone! This week we have a very special video for you, we're giving you an exclusive look in to Wanted World with a classic websiode for you to view, that was previously only available to members! In this never seen before footage, you'll get to see the lads on their journey to releasing Glad You Came.

We've got tons in store for Wanted World members this year, with more competitions, events, opportunities to meet the boys and more exclusive videos & photos!

If you want to find out more about joining, then click here.

  • Marienkaefer4

    Bigger things are awaiting the lads in the coming year!!! So proud!

  • Krathrn

    In the US, this song was played at least 20 times a day. Americans loved it!

  • laurien

    aw that was amazing!!!


    Lovely Video!!!

  • Nathan_Sykes_Wife


  • Alicia_TW

    oh i get it nw im an idiot!!!!!!

  • Alicia_TW

    oh i get it nw im an idiot!!!!!!

  • copaqueen

    Jay and his mind working overtime lol love it!

  • copaqueen

    I am so happy for them! I wish them continued SUCCESS! They deserve it!

  • LaurenElizabeth_TW

    Third strike is going to do so well in the charts, I can feel it...xxxxx

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