The 1st #WantedWednesday Of 2013!! 02 Jan

Big happy new year to the TWFanmily! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas & New Year. Today is the first Wanted Wednesday of 2013, so we have a special video for you...TW's New Year Resolutions!! These resolutions are a little different, as the lads give them to each other!

What are your resolutions? You can tweet @thewantedmusic using #TWResolution to share your own..


  • sarahmayhem


  • Anna_13

    Everyone trend this to the wanted: #TWHelpAnna!

  • MrsSykesParkerTW


  • Pickles_TW

    JAYTHAN HUGGGGGG lol im genuinely proud of hte resolutions for tom and jay. theyre really good

  • rhiannegannon01

    jaythan awwwwww

  • laurien

    hahaha jaythan! :)

  • ninjagirl

    Jay, if you want to work out come see me cause I have some awesome MA and MMA self-defense and work out drills for you. If Nathan, Max, Tom, and Siva want to do it as well, you are more then welcome

  • VickyMc

    I've noticed Tom wears white & black a lot. I have seen one blue shirt though. :)

  • Nathan_Sykes_Wife

    did anyone else think Nath looked glum

  • Anna_13

    Happy New Year TWFanmily! xx

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