Good luck to all our Exam result expecting fans! 18 Aug

Well done to everyone today who got exam results! Whether you got what you wanted or not, keep your eyes front to the future!

  • TheRuthlessOne

    got my results and glad with what i got :D. hope you did well in your A Levels nath were all rooting for you!!!! xxxxxxxx <3<3<3

  • MrsCaitlinSykes

    got my results did what i needed to do. Nath did u get nay results for you A levels?????????? <3<3<3<3 xxxxxxxx

  • dear.lisam

    ^^ same :/ xx

  • lfclew

    thanks i get mine on Thursday :S love the wanted!

  • jennifersykes

    love the!!:)

  • jennifersykes

    love the!!:)

  • nimha11

    my sister dont get hers till wednesday the 24th of august x

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