The Wanted Dolls Coming Soon! 19 Jan

The wanted have their very own 12" and mini celebz dolls coming out very soon!

Capital FM have got some exclusive pics of the boys with their individual dolls up on their site, take a look here, who do you think has the best likeness?

The 12" dolls will be available from various retailers week commencing 6th February and the mini celebz from 30th January. Keep checking back to find out where to grab them from!



  • katielovesthewanted5

    Cant wait getting one for ma b-day lol love ya darlins xxxx love ur biggest fan kt peeps!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Niamh_TW

    CANT WAIT SOO EXCITED but .. i dont the they relize they ar egoing to get pics now of the dolls doing weared things ;D LOL xxxx

  • Fatima__TW

    Im gna get em all hopefully

  • Fatima__TW

    Im gna get em all hopefully

  • Fatima__TW

    Im gna get em all hopefully

  • shelbyluvswanted21

    omg i want all ov them

  • YasmeenAbdelHamid

    Im gonna buy all of them and a barbie and pretend the barbie is me.;D

  • TheRuthlessOne

    carmela_@_amador keneswaran thats sooo funny :P :D i think ill do the same lolz xxxxxx

  • carmelakaneswaran

    i want to have those dolls only to say that i have been sleeping with you

  • Elodiiexx

    i NEED those dolls... all of them, then i can say i have The Wanted in my room =P

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