FAQS amended by Wanted World HQ during June 2013.  To June 2013 fans have only been able to buy an annual membership. We have now switched to a monthly membership but the annual Platinum and Gold memberships will run until expiry and these FAQs should both assist new monthly subscribers as well as those holding annual memberships.

What is Wanted World?
Wanted World gives members the chance to join an exclusive online world, which gives you access to webchats with The Wanted, exclusive videos of the band, photos, first listen to brand new songs, priority access to gig tickets, & exclusive competitions.

How much is it?
We have recently switched to a monthly membership/subscription for all new subscribers at a cost of ‘£5 per month’. There are unlimited amounts to purchase at this time. Unfortunately, annual susbcription is no longer available.

I’ve heard about a ‘Platinum’ and ‘Gold’ yearly membership though?
The previous membership packages available were as follows: Gold Membership at £40 & Platinum at £100 per year. There were unlimited amounts of Gold available to purchase, but only a limited amount of Platinum available. These packages are no longer available, but the new monthly membership offers you the same, and more, than the current Gold package (hence the higher annualised charge).

Why was the Platinum membership limited? 
Platinum membership gave you an invite to An Audience with The Wanted. In order to keep these events manageable and special for the fans, we had to cap memberships. These events ran during June 2013. Due to band commitments, we have withdrawn these from the monthly subscription offering.

Can you become a member of Wanted World if you live outside the UK?
Absolutely, Wanted World is worldwide!! Every element of the package will be open to fans the world over. There will be a number of competitions that are UK based and fans will have to make their own way to events, if they win. We will endeavour to run competitions for local markets as well, but we cannot guarantee this due to time constraints.

For Platinum subscribers, how do I redeem my £20 merch voucher?

All annual Platinum subscribers should have received their £20 merch voucher code once the 14 day grace period ended. This voucher code will have been emailed to you at the email address you used to sign up to Wanted World. This £20 merch voucher will be redeemable against any (but exclusively) Wanted World Merchandise on The Wanted official store at http://storefront.universal-music.co.uk/the-wanted

If you wish to spend more than £20, the balance can be paid for on a debit or credit card. Please get parental permission where relevant.

If I am a Gold member, can I still get Wanted World Merch? 

Yes, of course, Wanted World merch is available at The Wanted’s official store at http://storefront.universal-music.co.uk/the-wanted.

How do I refer a Friend?

The ‘refer a friend’ promotion has now finished, sorry!

How Do I Reset My Password?

When you go to log-in, please fill in your email address that you used to set up your subscription. You can then select “reset password”. You will then be sent an email with a new password. Occasionally these emails don’t arrive. If you do not receive the email within an hour, please contact customer services at wantedworld@thewantedmusic.com

I’ve paid but can’t login? What do I do?

When you subscribe, if your payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email from our payment gateway provider, Sandbag. This will detail your order number, your subscription package purchased, the cost of the package and what will appear on your bank statement. These emails should arrive within seconds, BUT there are occasion when it can take longer. Please allow upto 24 hours to receive this email. On receipt, your account should be live. IF you do NOT receive an email confirmation, please contact Sandbag customer services on wantedworld@sandbag.uk.com

Please remember, you MUST log in with the email you used to sign up to Wanted World.

What happens if I can't become a member?
We understand that not everyone will be able to get a Wanted World membership. Fear not, we will still be delivering everything you currently get for free, including weekly Wanted Wednesday mailers and flips, competitions and lots more going on online. You should also look out for regular competitions as the band will giveaway memberships to Wanted World, from time to time.

How do you justify the price of Wanted World?
Wanted World includes access to exclusive high quality content & events, all of which have a cost associated with producing them. Unfortunately it wouldn't be possible to create Wanted World and giveaway everything without a charge. Do remember, Wanted Wednesdays and other content and goodies will continue to be available online at no cost.

Can I pay monthly & how will you take payment?

The only new membership package available to purchase as of June 2013, is a monthly package. Once you sign up £5 will be deducted from your account automatically every month. You can cancel your account at any time, but will not be entitled to a refund for months that have already commenced (ie your account will remain live until the end of the current month)

Will I get to meet the band if I sign up?
There will be opportunities to win competitions where some fans will get to meet the band, however this is not guaranteed for all subscribers and shouldn't be expected. For existing Platinum subscribers, we hope to put one or two more exclusive competitions in for you as part of your annual package. Watch out for more on this.

:: VIP tickets and ‘An Audience With The Wanted’ ::

Can I still get VIP tickets to upcoming concerts & tours?
Priority access will be given to yearly Platinum subscribers. If and when there are VIP tickets available once that pre-sale window is closed, then yes, there will still be an opportunity to buy VIP tickets as Gold and monthly subscribers, ahead of anyone else. The band are currently planning to announce their next arena tour of the UK at the end of the summer 2013. All Annual Wanted World subscribers will be given the opportunity to access tickets, even if your yearly membership has expired, due to the fact the tour announcement has been delayed.

Is the access to VIP tickets is that just for one ticket or a pair?

You can purchase up to 4 VIP tickets through one Platinum membership when they are announced. This is also the case for Gold and monthly subscribers.


What do the VIP tickets allow you to do?

The Platinum package gets you priority access to VIP gig tickets – VIP tickets include the best seats / standing zones in the house, exclusive merchandise bundles and a meet and greet with the band. Note; the tickets still need to be paid for.

When will the VIP tickets be announced?

These dates are still yet to be confirmed however members will be informed first via the members section plenty of time in advance for members to be able to purchase tickets comfortably. The band are currently planning to announce their next arena tour of the UK at the end of the summer 2013. All Wanted World subscribers will be given the opportunity to access tickets, even if your yearly membership has expired; due to the fact the tour announcement has been delayed.

Do people with Gold & the new Monthly Wanted World membership get priority access to tickets?

This operated on a tier system. Platinum members get initial priority in a limited time frame, if tickets are still available it then moves down to Gold & monthly members only for a limited of time and finally if tickets remain these will be released to non-subscribers of Wanted World.

Am I guaranteed VIP tickets as a Platinum member?

Unfortunately not, however, Platinum memberships were limited purposefully to allow every platinum member a very likely chance of accessing both the VIP tickets and the meet and greet sessions.

Will Membership for the US get you any VIP sale codes or better seats to USA events? 

We are working with management and colleagues in the USA to arrange for these benefits to happen for Wanted World members.

I have the gold / monthly Wanted World, am I able to buy VIP tickets for gigs and concerts with it?

Yes, if there are tickets after the initial wave offered to Platinum members first.


For any other queries on Wanted World, please email wantedworld@thewantedmusic.com